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Once again this year, cold and flu season will soon come knocking at our door. Preventing infections is your best defence against illnesses of all kinds, from the most benign to the most unpleasant.

Uniprix has some helpful tips to dodge the flu this season!

Cold and flu basics: Did you know?

  • There are close to 200 viruses that can cause the common cold, making it virtually impossible to develop a vaccine.
  • You never catch the same cold or flu twice. Each time you get a cold or the flu, it is always due to a different virus.
  • Children get 6 to 10 colds a year.
  • When someone sneezes, the virus is propelled into the air at a speed of 150 km/hr.
  • Once present on a surface, viruses can survive approximately 48 hours.

7 cold- and flu-busting strategies

For the reasons mentioned above and to save yourself a lot of aches and pain associated with such viral illnesses, try using the following cold- and flu-fighting strategies.

  1. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to support your immune system. This includes:
    • A healthy diet
    • Exercise
    • Sufficient sleep
    • Quitting smoking
    • Moderate consumption of alcohol
  2. Get your annual flu shot.
  3. Wash your hands often.
  4. Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.
  5. Avoid touching your nose, mouth or eyes after contact with a contaminated surface or object.
  6. Avoid contact with infected persons.
  7. Stay home when you are sick.


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